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Mission Statement

Conglomerate Entertainment's mission is to create a unique live stage event experience.

Our core business is producing, marketing, and selling live stage productions-providing a national platform for artist expressions. 

Conglomerate Entertainment is the official southern entertainment division of Barber Group Enterprises. The purpose of the organization is to facilitate corporate networking and socializing opportunities for urban professionals in the greater Hartford, CT area. After relocating to H​ouston in 2008, Guy continued the First Friday's networking events with a strong following after a two-year layoff and a new client listing. 

By the end of 2013, there was a shift in the culture of the professional networking night clubs, and other promoters started with their own version of First Friday's offering little to no restrictions on dress code and age. With the name First Friday's becoming tarnished, Guy realized he needed to address the challenges of finding an appropriate venue for Urban Professionals.

In 2013, Conglomerate Entertainment suspended its First Friday's operations waiting for the right time to re-launch and redefine the event so that the product could not be confused with nightclub promoters offering less than stellar products and services. While the research and development were going on with First Friday's, Conglomerate Entertainment started promoting small venue concerts in Houston, TX and Hartford, CT. The Conglomerate name was back!

While hosting venues in both states, our long time followers kept asking, " When are you going to throw another First Friday's Party." We were committed to the production of concerts, but we asked ourselves why not do both. We would bring back the unique style of First Friday's and add a live feature to the event.

On March 6, 2015, in Hartford, Conglomerate Entertainment tested the new look product and introduced the area to Authentic First Friday's Live professional networking events. The First Friday's Live event featured guest was Hip Hop legend Slick Rick and R&B producer, songwriter, and artist Ryan Leslie. The test event was a huge success with over 700 people in attendance. 

Conglomerate went on to test out the new production two more times in CT with increasing success each time. In 2016 Conglomerate Entertainment moved forward with the new Houston First Friday Live, Connecticut Second Saturday Live, as well as full concert productions for our ever growing fan base.​

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