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The interlocking gold CE is now what is used to identify Conglomerate  Entertainment brand on every social media platform.

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 Conglomerate Entertainment was establish in 2002, It wasn't until 2007 that the company introduced its first logo. The signature granite letters with the champagne bottle.


In 2008 Conglomerate expanded its operations to Houston, TX. Combining its past and present, the sky line of the City of Houston served as the back drop for the granite letters and champagne bottle logo.


By the end of 2010 Conglomerate had started to expand its reach with a more diverse client base. A more streamlined approach was taken in the company's philosophy and its look. The interlocking gold CE and black letters were introduced on an off white background.


The introduction of the gold interlocking CE is a great look for our expanding client base to recognize.  The black background with capital gold interlocking letters and a new sparkle  captures the company's new bold, outside the box  attitude.


We've loved every minute of our journey.


The 1st- First Friday

Conglomerate Entertainment's 1st Professional networking event took place on May 3, 2002, at City Place Plaza, Downtown Hartford. This was the area's first mix and mingle event that provided a setting for Connecticut's Black Urban Professionals to network and socialize. The 85 people in attendance enjoyed the unique professional environment and created a buzz by word of mouth making the First Friday of the month a must-see event. Over the years by word of mouth along with an ever-growing mailing list Hartford's First Friday's top over 80,000 people in attendance over a 10 year time period. 


Houston Arrival

Our first expansion of First Friday's in Houston Texas was showcased with live entertainment. In the dawn of a new area the company introduced  live performances featuring some of world's top entertainers   


The Remix

Conglomerate Entertainment introduced its first live concert event and its first outdoor music festival. 

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